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Onsite Audit

Onsite audit is available in conjunction with asset collection or at any time during the life of your assets.

Ingram Micro offers this service for installed, in-service assets, or assets staged for collection. Technicians capture all required data about each asset including, but not limited to: serial number, asset tag, and physical location. This data can be uploaded into your asset management system for internal tracking and inventory accuracy.

If desired, we can also retain the inventory details in BlueIQ, our highly-regarded Asset Intelligence System, so it’s available as a collection check-list when assets are removed from service.

On collection day we'll perform a complete serial number capture and validate the numbers against either the audit list we collected earlier or the list you provide before removing the assets from your premises. We revalidate against this same list when assets arrive at any of our facilities.

Data Center Services

Ingram Micro has extensive experience and a proven track record helping enterprise organizations manage their data center requirements for moves, adds / changes, consolidations, and shut downs. We are fully conversant with data center requirements and standards.

Standard services include:

Physical Inventory

  • Create audit record for all equipment
  • Record building, grid, and rack locations
  • Verification inventory against client-provided list
  • Generate pre-pickup audit reports

Server Decommission & Shut Down

  • Sanitize data from each drive or DAS
  • Palletize and prepare devices for pickup
  • Store equipment at Ingram Micro facilities
  • Redeploy or remarket/recycle

Loose Drive Erasure

  • Erase “failed” drives from servers and SANs
  • If applicable, match vendor packaging to drives
  • Ensure vendor RTM requirements are met

Onsite Media Destruction

  • Bring appropriate equipment to site
  • Shred, degauss, or pulverize drives
  • Destroy or otherwise disable all devices
  • No customer data leaves the client data center 

Cable Pulling

  • Identify cable runs and environmental factors
  • Disconnect and pull old network cables
  • Identify routers, switches, and/or hubs
  • Record port numbers of each device


  • Store client inventory at Ingram Micro ITAD facilities
  • Fulfill orders from redeployment inventory
  • Deliver and installs servers at your new location

Asset Deinstallation
and Removal

Our expert technicians will de-install, pack, and palletize your assets and transport them to the nearest Ingram Micro facility for processing. In addition to serial numbers and asset tags, custom data can be captured during this process. If the assets are being replaced, we can provide installation service for the new equipment.

See Deployment

Data Erasure

Ingram Micro offers onsite data erasure services to ensure data has been eradicated prior to transport.

We have selected Blancco data sanitization software as our standard based on capability and industry standing. Blancco is a progressive firm that continually develops and enhances their products to address the data security needs of emerging technologies. Blancco software:

  • provides complete security by destroying data on all areas of the hard drive. The drive is accessed through a bypass of the BIOS and OS, then each sector undergoes a sanitization process with the number of passes specified by your erasure protocol
  • generates a unique erasure report to validate the overwrite procedure completed properly. The report lists the asset’s inventory profile including the hard drive serial number, model, and asset tag to tie together the erasure process and the specific hardware for audit purposes
  • is compliant with all common national and international standards.

Drives with bad sectors – and those that fail the data erasure process – are physically destroyed. These drives will be shredded, degaussed or pulverized as outlined below, or stored in a secure, pad-locked container and transported to the nearest Ingram Micro facility for immediate shredding.

During onsite service, unless drives are already pulled and staged, Ingram Micro makes every effort to erase data while the drives are still installed. If this isn’t possible, we pull each drive, record its serial number, and connect it to our proprietary Data Eradication Cabinet or DataToaster™ for erasure. Developed by our engineers, these tools perform the data overwrite on multiple PC or server drives simultaneously to increase throughput and flexibility. Following data erasure, loose and working drives are placed in secure containers designated for sanitized drives.

Storage Media Destruction

Physical Shredding

Ingram Micro utilizes Ameri-Shred AMS-750HD shredders for its mobile onsite data destruction services.

Ameri-Shred is an industry leader for reliability and performance. Mobile shredders are designed to physically destroy computer hard disks, copier hard drives, backup tapes, DVDs, and other e-Scrap. The AMS-750HD requires 120v and has a 200 drive-per-hour throughput. It can be utilized in your facility or remain on the truck.

We transport all shredded materials to our facilities where they are recycled in compliance with e-Stewards (U.S.) or R2 standards.

Shredding Alternatives

If shredding isn’t an option for your facility, we offer these alternatives:

Magnetic Drives:  For non-SSDs we utilize the Garner HD-3WXL degausser to de-magnetize storage media and render data inaccessible. Degaussing complies with data erasure/destruction standards (NIST and DoD) and regulations; independent testing has validated that no data can be recovered after degaussing.

Solid State Drives: Magnetic destruction doesn’t work for SSDs, so Ingram Micro uses a portable pulverizing device as an alternative to shredding to ensure no data may be recovered.

Deployment / Redeployment

Let Ingram Micro stock and manage your asset inventory for major deployment or redeployment initiatives. Whether you're deploying new equipment or redeploying decommissioned assets, we'll pull items from inventory at your request, load your corporate software image, and prepare the assets for easy installation.

Choose onsite deployment, redeployment, or a combination of the two. Plus, Ingram Micro can perform onsite data capture as an add-on service so you can upload the relevant detail into your asset management system.

For smaller deployment and redeployment projects - particularly for satellite offices and remote employees - we also offer fulfilment options through our client web portal. When authorized individuals or location coordinators order assets, Ingram Micro picks, images, packs, and ships each asset or group of assets to meet each request.

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