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Ingram Micro ITAD Value-Added
Lifecycle Support Services

With our value-added Lifecycle Support Services, clients can focus their own resources to more effectively manage their day-to-day technology requirements.

All in the Execution: 
Optimize Your Next Asset Refresh

When you have hundreds - or even thousands - of IT assets you need to replace it can be overwhelming. For many in-house IT teams, there simply isn't enough time or resource to handle a major refresh project quickly and efficiently.

The solution? Outsource your refresh to Ingram Micro ITAD!

Our Asset Refresh and Deployment Services provide the resources you need to manage either project-based or ongoing asset replacement proactively and efficiently. Both onsite and order-in services are available, depending on your requirements. Once an asset is ordered, we pull it from inventory, load it with your corporate image, and deploy it for you or ship it to you.

Leave routine asset refresh to Ingram Micro's professional staff and free your company IT team to concentrate on business-critical applications and initiatives.

Deployment Services

Ingram Micro Deployment Services provide you the cost and efficiency benefits that come from engaging a single service provider to manage deployment of new assets and removal of old assets. You can have your new assets shipped directly to one of our processing centers where we'll unbox them, scan them into inventory, and staged them for deployment. Upon receipt of an electronic order, the asset is pulled from inventory, loaded with your custom software image, and shipped to the designated location. To keep your management system current, we also record and tag each serialized asset and map it to the planned deployment location.

For large scale refresh and deployment projects, our dedicated team will manage your onsite requirements. Equipment is transported in secure, Ingram Micro-owned and operated vehicles with onsite technicians available before and after deployment to ensure customer satisfaction. End-of-life assets can be de-installed and removed during deployment, and data migration services are available as well.

Save Time and Money with
Ingram Micro ITAD Data Center Services

Our experienced onsite data center technicians can both keep your data center humming and provide full consolidation / decommissioning services. We provide:

Physical Inventory

We conduct equipment audits to identify building, grid, and rack location for specified assets then generate a pre-pickup audit report as the first step in documenting chain-of-custody from the client facility to one of our facilities.

Server Decommission & Shutdown

Our technicians sanitize data for all servers and directly attached storage (DAS) disk drives then unrack servers and DAS devices as we palletize them to prepare for pickup and transport. Once received at one of our facilities, assets may be stored for redeployment, routed for remarketing, or responsibly recycled.

Failed Drive Erasure

To ensure customer data security, we remove drives that fail “in-service” from servers and SANs then erase them prior to returning them to the manufacturer. We match vendor drive packaging to meet vendor RTM requirements.


Onsite Media Destruction

We shred or degauss disk drives, tape, and optical media onsite at the client data center to ensure no customer data leaves the facility. Shredded drives are transported to authorized recycling partners while media that's degaussed and/or crushed is transported to our nearest facility for shredding.

Cable Pulling

Our technicians disconnect and pull old network cables from servers to network devices, identifying the routers, switches, or hubs and port numbers of each device so the client can appropriately terminate network services for each decommissioned server.


We can route your decommissioned servers directly to other facilities or store them in our secure Processing Centers until you’re ready to use them again. Our full-featured Client Portal supports on-demand order placement and fulfillment from your inventory, making it easy for you to redeploy servers as needed.


Depot Repair: Extend the Life
of your Assets

Our Depot Repair Services help companies maximize the life of their assets and control costs without sacrificing quality or impacting uptime. We offer high-level repair services to support laptops, desktops, or servers including board level repair, LCD screen repair, and systems integration. Our technicians are OEM-trained and client-dedicated.

Select an approach – or multiple approaches – to best meets your needs. A user may initiate a replacement request and receive a packing kit to facilitate non-functioning unit return. Once the asset arrives we dispatch the replacement. We can load your software image and restore a user’s centrally-stored files prior to shipment if desired. The returned unit is then repaired and restocked.

For maximum user support choose Advanced Exchange, an approach that reduces downtime and keeps your organization humming by ensuring your users have a functional, imaged asset with their personal data back in their hands within 48 hours. Emergency service is also available: replacement units for expedited requests that arrive before the daily cut-off time are shipped out the same day and are back in the user’s hands within one business day. Once the user has received the replacement unit, he or she returns the non-working unit in the same box. As with standard processing, we erase all data on the returned asset then repair it (if economically warranted) and restock the unit to fulfill future orders.

Ingram Micro ITAD's Depot Repair facilities operate extended hours, providing expanded coverage for client locations across time zones. With either option, we maintain a ready stock of replacement units to ensure constant availability. We can also procure parts to repair assets and upgrade units if desired to match your evolving specifications.

We also handle End-of-Life Asset Disposition.

Avoid End-of-Lease Surprises

Many companies find that leasing PCs and other IT equipment is their best option. But beware of potential “gotchas” at the end of the lease term.

For example, what if a user decides to give a laptop power cord to a coworker with the same model? From the employee's perspective that saves the company money by avoiding the cost of purchasing another cord, but that’s not how the leasing company will view it.

Or perhaps you’ve enhanced the equipment while it was under your charge, purchasing a higher capacity disk drive or a better graphics card for a power user. Do you really want to give that extra value to the leasing company?

At the end of the lease period companies must follow specific procedures and maintain strict auditing and chain-of-custody practices to protect corporate data and avoid paying fees for lost or damaged equipment.

Here’s where Ingram Micro ITAD can keep you on track, not only by ensuring your corporate data is erased but by auditing and refurbishing your assets (as required) to ensure what goes back to the leasing company matches the expected configuration and condition – no more and no less. We can even provide like-for-like equipment replacements, if the lease terms allow it, in cases where you wish to retain equipment or if equipment condition fails to meet lease return standards.

Our end-of-lease services improve the ways enterprises worldwide manage their equipment returns and navigate agreements with lessors. We test asset functionality and assess cosmetic condition for all products returned, matching them to serial numbers, leasing schedules, and contract requirements.

We manage end-of-term activities and provide the configuration and condition reconciliation details equipment lessors and lessees need to close out lease agreements and maximize the residual value of retired assets.

For our leasing company partners

We partner with global financial services companies to provide standardized, secure, and compliant off-lease transition and IT asset disposition services.

Our asset pickups are optimized to comply with your audit, packing, labeling, and transport requirements. We perform standards-compliant data destructions for all assets, followed by an audit and testing process to assess condition and generate a lease condition compliance report.

We provide either remarketing or asset recycling disposition based on your standards for equipment age and condition plus market conditions. E-waste recycling services comply with all relevant country and international standards and Ingram Micro provides full serialized reporting.

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