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Ingram Micro Simplifies Your ITAD Program

Enterprise IT Asset Disposition Benefits

Standard ITAD Service Offerings Include:

Logistics Services

We offer an array of logistics options to suit your specific requirements, including a Box Program for small quantities at satellite or remote locations.

Complete the handy online IT Asset Pickup Request form available on the Ingram Micro ITAD Client Portal to initiate a pickup request or, if desired, call your designated contact. We assign a job number in our tracking system to each order, which represents the start of the ITAD process.

Our global model not only reduces the cost of freight to our customers but also total miles driven, reducing vehicle emissions and minimizing both our clients’ and our own carbon footprint.

De-Installation and Asset Removal (Optional)

Our trained onsite service technicians are available to perform hardware de-installations and onsite serialized audits for both office and data center environments.

Onsite Data Erasure & Destruction (Optional)

We can ensure your company’s sensitive data is destroyed before it leaves your facility with our expert Onsite Data Destruction Services. We can erase, degauss, or physically shred / pulverize your media devices while you watch, then securely transport them for further processing at an Ingram Micro Processing Center.

For these and other options, please see Onsite Services.

Packing & Palletizing

Our logistics team packs and palletizes all types of assets for secure shipment to an Ingram Micro Processing Center. Each asset is counted by asset type and listed on the Bill of Lading for customer signature prior to departure as part of a secure Chain-of-Custody.

Ingram Micro ITAD follows explicit packing standards to protect assets from damage during transport. Our dedicated trucks are sealed and tracked via GPS to ensure secure delivery.

Asset Processing & Data Sanitization

We provide transparent tracking for every asset. Once assets arrive at a Processing Center, each asset is audited, then monitored throughout the disposition process. Clients may view processing milestones at any time by logging into our comprehensive Client Portal.

Our trained technicians remove all client identifying marks and labels and erase data from every data-bearing device. Assets are processed with return value and cost-effective repair in mind. Clients receive a detailed Audit Report at the end of this step.

Refurbishment, Repair, Reuse, Remarketing

We maximize your return. Assets that have residual market value are tested, graded, and refurbished for resale. Ingram Micro resells functional assets via multiple retail, direct, and wholesale channels for maximum value recovery.

We also offer redeployment services for clients who prefer to reuse their assets internally and Donation programs for clients who have specific charities with whom they work.

For more on maximizing return, please see Asset Recovery.

De-manufacturing & Recycling

Ingram Micro responsibly recycles assets with no residual value. First, all drives and other data-bearing devices are removed and shredded to ensure complete data destruction. Equipment is then de-manufactured into dozens of commodity categories and recycled. Our recycling processes are compliant with local, state, federal and international regulations surrounding e-waste handling – including the Basel Convention – and certified to the highest environmental standards.

As a certified e-Stewards Recycler (US) and an R2 certified recycler (outside the US), our processes and downstream partners are audited at least annually to ensure ethical and compliant recycling.

For further information, please see Making IT Responsible.

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Complete Single-Provider Solution

Ingram Micro provides a full range of ITAD and Lifecycle Support Services, offering a comprehensive solution regardless of location. We specialize in the environmentally responsible e-waste recycling and reuse of retired electronic equipment, with core business processes in risk management, logistics, asset management, asset repair and refurbishment, data destruction, remarketing and recycling.

In addition, our Onsite Services offerings give you flexibility to select the best mix services to meet your requirements. Do you need onsite services for certain locations but not for others? No problem. Whether you need onsite data erasure and/or drive destruction on a location by location basis – or even on a pickup by pickup basis – we’ll work with you to ensure program success.

Find out more about Onsite Services.

Global Reach: Seamless Service Regardless of Location

We’re everywhere you need us to be.

Ingram Micro is a global ITAD provider with an expanding list of facilities in the U.S, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We provide direct asset disposition services in 16 different countries as well as services to a far broader array of countries through a network of established, certified partners across the globe.

Ingram Micro purchased us in 2013 - when we were known as CloudBlue - to enhance its portfolio by adding ITAD to its formidable array of product lifecycle solutions. But unlike other ITAD industry acquisitions over the past five or six years, Ingram Micro didn't lump CloudBlue in with other acquisitions and leave us to sort out the differences. Instead, we’ve continued to focus on providing superior service while executing a program of targeted, tightly-managed growth with a committed parent company backing our expansion…no step-sibling squabbles, no tedious system integrations, no power plays, no churn.

We provide IT Asset Disposition services in over 80 countries and, with the benefit of our global infrastructure, we have the opportunity to expand rapidly to new locations to meet client business needs. We continue to bring new facilities online each year to better support our multinational clients.

Visit Our Global Coverage Map

Enhanced Relationship Management

While most ITAD providers assign each client an Account Manager, Ingram Micro ITAD invests in Relationship Management at multiple levels to ensure client satisfaction. The Account Management Team is core to the client relationship and works directly with internal resources to manage requirements and ensure the success of the client’s ITAD or Lifecycle Support Services program. This web of support contributes strongly to customer satisfaction and clients consistently cite the support they receive from their Ingram Micro team as a key contributor to program ease-of-use and value.

We never take our clients for granted. We believe a close partnership is key to building a collaborative relationship and a successful ITAD program, and our clients report that our committed, consistent, scalable, and responsive service is a key differentiator that contributes strongly to program success.


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