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Data Destruction

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Data Destruction

Whether your data sanitization strategy calls for onsite or offsite data erasure / drive destruction, our skilled technicians provide data erasure solutions and services that mitigate your liability under all relevant data privacy and disposal laws, rules, and regulations.

First, we assess the remarketing potential of each asset so that truly end-of-life drives are destroyed rather than investing in sanitization. For remarketable assets, we eradicate the data on each drive using Internationally-recognized Blancco data erasure software. Blancco software provides an erasure report for each media device by serial number, which provides proof of erasure for audit compliance. Once recorded, this information is stored in BlueIQ, our proprietary Asset Intelligence System.

Blancco software guarantees absolute data sanitization for servers and desktop/laptop computers - including ones with SSDs - as well as virtual drives, smartphones, and tablets. Blancco’s 100% secure, high-speed data erasure provides an overwrite that complies with NIST SP 800-88, U.S. DoD 5220.22-M, and other internationally-recognized erasure standards. For clients with more advanced requirements, additional-pass overwrite services are also available.

Any device that cannot be successfully sanitized is physically shredded to ensure no data can be recovered.

Onsite Service Offerings

Whether you’re updating a data center, closing a facility, or retiring a large number of IT assets with highly-sensitive data, we can provide onsite data destruction or onsite shredding services to ensure your data doesn’t leave your building. Our experienced service team will come to your facility and inventory the servers, PCs, or laptops earmarked for sanitization. We can even deinstall the equipment for you.

Data Center Decommissioning

Our experienced onsite data center technicians can help you manage your server decommissions, data center consolidations, cable pulling, onsite loose drive erasure and more. In fact, Ingram Micro technicians are onsite every day in data centers around the world.

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Onsite Data Erasure

We eradicate the data on each drive with remarketing potential using proven, Internationally-recognized Blancco software, which guarantees absolute data erasure for servers, desktop/laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, SSDs, and virtual drives.

Blancco has been tested, certified, approved, and recommended by 18 national and international governing bodies. It is the de facto global standard for certified data erasure.

Onsite Data Destruction

Ingram Micro ITAD eliminates the risk of data leaving your office or data center by bringing data destruction technology to you.

Our fleet of mobile shredders makes onsite media destruction service practical for all enterprises. Our shredders can be utilized within your facility or externally, on a fully secure Ingram Micro truck.

If shredding doesn’t work for your location, we can provide extra security by degaussing drives onsite prior to transport. Our mobile high-throughput degaussing units use magnetic erasure technology to destroy data on disk or tape media, ensuring that information cannot be retrieved. Need non-shred drive destruction for SSDs? We can pulverize SSDs onsite to ensure no data may be accessed.

Regardless of which solution or combination of solutions you select, drive materials and e-waste are recycled using an e-Stewards-certified process, plus you’ll receive a Certificate of Data Erasure & Destruction covering all drives processed.

Logistics and Security: Chain-of-Custody

While onsite data destruction services provide extra security and peace of mind, not every organization needs - or has the staging room - for onsite service. We have you covered! We'll collect your IT assets and securely transport them to one of our facilities for data destruction and processing. You'll get the same industry-leading secure service, Chain-of-Custody audit trail, complete reporting, and Certificate of Data Erasure & Destruction to prove compliance.

Our strong Chain-of-Custody controls not only ensure your assets are handled safely and properly, they also provide the audit and tracking detail necessary to prove data sanitization and legislative / environmental compliance.


Ingram Micro's tracking capabilities provide end-to-end visibility. We record all asset serial numbers, track each asset individually, and scan all serial numbers as assets move through each step of the ITAD process.

Secure Chain-of-Custody starts when you request service through our online client portal to initiate the job order. At pickup, the driver documents the shipment and obtains customer sign-off on the Bill of Lading, after which we employ a range of explicit precautionary measures that protect assets in transit. Our dedicated trucks are sealed and tracked via GPS while in transit.

Processing takes place at our TAPA FSR-A Certified Processing Centers where significant access controls further ensure asset safety.

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