02.09.2017 / CloudBlue

Stopping the Flood of Fakes: Counterfeit Electronics

We’ve all heard of counterfeit goods.  Whether it’s phony bills in your change, knock-off Louis Vuitton bags on the internet, or fake antiques in a shop, counterfeit goods are not only a financial “rip-off” but can also cause serious harm to unsuspecting victims.
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08.30.2016 / CloudBlue

Time to Upgrade! Now What do we do with our Old Equipment?

You’ve invested the time to analyze your technology refresh cycle and you’ve found the sweet spot – that balance point between operating expense, operating efficiency, and capital spending – that keeps your investment in new IT assets under control while ensuring your business runs smoothly.
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06.30.2016 / CloudBlue

Hackers and Phishers and Thieves, Oh my!

Your business runs on technology. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s almost certain that computers, tablets, and smartphones – plus the technology needed for them to work together – are in the mix. Today’s modern workforce is more connected and more mobile than at any time in history.
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